Mark Twain once wrote that it is good to be a good person, but it is better to tell people how to be good–“and a damn sight easier!” So much of my life is lived in response to the moment and not in a practiced and cultivated wisdom. I sat here this morning looking out over my backyard and penned down what should be–could be–rules I should follow to live a better life. In short, how to be more human and real.

Live with dignity:

Be wise.

Be simple.

Be honest

Be happy.

Be humble.

Be ready.

Everything else flows from this…

Show up.

Make friends.

Cook dinners.

Know your town.

Write thank you cards.

Eat healthy.

Walk places.


Read good books.

Play an instrument.

Keep a journal.

Know bad habits.

Know good habits.

Live within your means.

Pay your bills.

Help people.

Get better at things.

Get rid of things.

Keep a toolbox.

Fix things.

Build things.

Study nature.

Be faithful.


Tend a garden.

Love water.

Raise animals.

Invite people over.

Open your door.

Age gracefully.

Keep dreaming.

Drink tea.

Love your spouse.

Raise good kids.

Thank teachers.

Call friends.

Talk with neighbours.

Find solitude.

Gather for meals.

Bounce back.


Complete tasks.

Be an artist.

Mow your lawn.


Give small gifts.

Talk to strangers.

Remember names.

Teach what you know.

Build a fire pit.

Speak right from wrong.

Remember your life.

Play with kids.

Accept loss.

Extend conversations.

Visit graveyards.

Clean up.

Avoid gossip.


Swim in streams.

Hike trails.

Climb mountains.

Paddle rivers.

Collect seashells.

Be human…

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