It is not where you go. It is how you go.

Is there any value in coming to the page this late at night after three hours of singing in a pub, just because I said I would? I expect you to go to the empty page and pry tired and stubborn thoughts and lay them on the screen in some semblance of ordered inspiration, so I guess I should, too. [comma rule #10: commas with tag elements] My mind, body, soul and being needs and wants to sleep, but I am more stubborn than my thoughts, and I WILL make something out of nothing.

…five minutes go by…


So I start scouring through my day.  What happened that was fun, interesting, real, or removed? My daughter, Kaleigh, and her friend, Brenna came to my 8th grade classes. That was fun—for me and them!  In fact, [comma after introductory element] Brenna said she had no idea a school could be like Fenn. All the kids and teachers were fun and friendly, engaged and comfortable, polite and productive, so maybe—just maybe—Fenn is as really cool and special a place as we say it is.

Even if sometimes YOU don’t think so.

I had dinner at Maynard High School (Pipo’s school for next year and EJ and Margaret’s school this year). It was an international dinner  with about twenty tables of wicked good and diverse food. A bunch of kids were playing in an impromptu band, and I hung out with my the other parents and we were thinking, “Yeah, this is a really special place…” 

And it is because it is never where you go. It’s how you go. Some good many of you are heading to new places next year, and another good many of you will start your high school life at Fenn—which is really cool, too. It is not what you let it be. It is what you make it be.

In the same spirit, I need to come to the empty page and start a conversation with the blank screen in my Evernote notebook, for this page is my school, and it  where I am taught about myself, and, ultimately, see myself.

The mind does not unblock itself; you must reach in and pull away the boulders and debris and create the path for even a few words to trickle onto the page. 

And then sometimes I might have to stop the flood…

Even a t 12:01 AM

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