I guess this is a good thing. I showed up five minutes late for class, and my classroom was empty. I walked the hallways of the school and could not find any of them. I sheepishly asked the assistant headmaster if he “happened to see a class of wandering boys?”

No, he hadn’t.

Another teacher said he saw random groups of boys outside filming with their iPads, so that at least is a good thing because last week I also showed up late, but the room then was a chaotic rumble of misdirection. I used my “firm voice,” and I tried to get across the point that “sua sponte” means to do what needs to be done–not to wait to be told to do something, followed by the typical teacher rants that happens when a teacher is somewhat at fault for what is happening, i.e. my tardiness for class. 

But  I am at least mildly pleased today to be sitting alone in my room while “class is going on.” My students are outside being productive. In that sense they at least are thinking and living outside of the box of the classroom, and I am getting a bit of a break–and I can get this daily journal post up before one of the more astute boys point out that if I don’t do it; they don’t have to do it either….

But they will have to because this is…


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