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A Mentor’s Approach To Learning to Play
Any Instrument with Strings

I learned to become a performing musician not because of any inherent abilities, but, rather, in spite of my limitations and because of an enduring love for music and my love for traditional folksongs that I have continually and successfully shared with audiences for many years in pubs, clubs, festivals and concert stages.  Invariably, at some not too distant time, my students far surpass my abilities as a “musician,” and it is then that the true magic happens: these musicians  evolve into gifted performers who create their own stages, who share the stage with me and grow into artists in their own right, who create, record, and perform his or her own songs in unique and amazing ways.

I work primarily with guitar, but I also love to guide students in learning banjo, mandolin, and ukulele. I begin by teaching the major chords and families of chords that are the universal foundation, and I work with my students to develop strong strumming, finger-picking and songwriting and vocal skills; moreover, I only teach students who sincerely  wish to ultimately become performing and recording artists–and I mentor and guide them on this journey with whatever skills and wisdom that thirty-five years of experience has bestowed on me.

If you live locally, I will come to your home or you may come to my own home and studio. If you live in some far flung part of the world–and you have internet access–I am happy to set up an online course via Skype.

Contact me if you are interested. It is never too late to learn!

~John Fitz

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