Life Ain't Hard--It's Just a Waterfall

by John Fitzsimmons | Fires in the Belly

You say, hey,
who are you to say that you’re the one
to go telling me just where I’m coming from.
You can have your cake
but don’t frost me ‘til I’m done.
I can’t be fixed and I can’t afford to stall;
because life ain’t hard it’s just a waterfall.

Sometimes it happens we,
we like to play the one-eyed fool,
so we can act like we don’t know what to do—
but it’s a sad-eyed mask
and it’s never really true;
I’ve seen you backstage at the hall,
trembling before the curtain call,
and you know life ain’t hard; it’s just a waterfall.

and you feel it how
it’s coming at you now
and you feel it how
it’s all around you now—
and you’re loving and you’re feeling
maybe mixed up
maybe stealing
a little time
I’m just amazed
that somehow we keep dealing…

You and me we spin, we drift
we’re daring to be free:
in a mirrored calm time echoes
like a sneeze—
just when you think it’s all a dream:
everything you are has already been,
just when you think you’ve seen it all
a boiling wind comes screaming in a squall
and you say life ain’t hard,
it’s just a waterfall—
yeah, life ain’t hard; it’s just a waterfall—
life ain’t hard; it’s just a waterfall.



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