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“Dawghouse” is a recording that evolved pretty naturally out of the (literally) hundreds of shows that Seth, Hatrack and I have performed over the last thirty years. The greatest irony is how small a sampling of song are represented here compared to our actual shows–which are often a feast of songs that last well over three hours.

But there is nothing here that all of us don’t love and appreciate. Hatrack, Seth and I really do love a broad margin to our setlists, and, in many ways, “Dawghouse” is simply a “set” of songs remarkably well-produced and engineered by Seth Connelly.

Whatever you do with Doghouse: enjoy, because we certainly do.

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As I write this I am anticipating the show I am playing tomorrow with The Salty Dawgs at The Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton MA. Between the three of us (and whomever else joins us) we can put on a family friendly show that really is awesome. Seth is as great a guitar player/singer/human-being on the planet, while Hatrack plays harmonica and sings the old jazz and blues songs with a soul as old and real as the ages. I know it sounds vain and self-aggrandizing, but the three of us together–friends, bandmates, and compatriots for over thirty years–can put on a show that really is amazing, fun, and energizing for any size crowd.

And that is guaranteed. Contact us, and we’ll get right back to you!

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