I woke up this morning almost too fearful to read the news. I stayed up late into the night just watching for the breaking stories and updates. Now, I am simplyconfused about how to act. I feel incredibly small and pointless, unsure of where I stand and how to move forward. But I and we have to start something new.

There needs to be a movement towards a unified love, respect, empathy and unmitigated courage in the face of all that is evil. Words of hate, anger and myopic righteousness simply dampens the light of possibility. I am heartsick at what is happening in this world that is as equally disconnected as it is connected. We are in a true crisis of humanity, but few seem to have the strength or humility to make every action an evolution towards a true and genuine inclusiveness. Anger and fear passes off as wisdom, and our humanity diminishes in equal proportions.

Thoreau once wrote that “there are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one striking at the root.” The root is deeper and stronger than the branches, but that is where we have to go. Start now. Do good, mean well, and start wherever you are in whatever you are doing. In spite of everything that is happening and has happened, we are hardwired to love even in the most trying of times. These words are feeble substitutes, and our pointing fingers simply ignite a lightning storm of hatred with its obvious and repugnant consequences. If you have a moral code that justifies murder, it is not a moral code. If your first response is to take sides and pontificate from a distance, the divisions will only grow deeper and the spiral will worsen, so take the time today to do good things wherever you can. It can only help our future–shaky as it now seems. We don’t have to like those we should love.

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