I’ve been somewhat lax about posting in here of late, but I have been giving myself a bit of a break from writing. In fact, I spent the last month or so just living–and that has been just fine with me. I set a simple goal for myself this summer to get in shape. PJ and I started day workout program in the spring that includes a mix of walking and running. I was a bit worried about my knees as I had both my knees replaced four years ago. But by starting slow and doing a lot of stretching, I feel pretty good right now. Now I’m going to try and add a bit of cross-training by doing some hiking, kayaking, weight lifting and tai chi–if I can remember what I learned some 30 years ago while living in China.

Other than that, I’m spending my time with my family at a summer camp in New Hampshire. Windsor Mountain International Camp. We have been going there for the past 13 summers. Four of the kids work there, two of them are campers, Denise works in the health office and I pitter around doing whatever needs to be done: I teach some music classes; I sing at campfires; I spend time whittling with the campers, and I build things that the camp needs built. I drive back home to Maynard once or twice a week to sing at the inn and anything else to make a bit more of the ever elusive cash.

In years past, I ran online writing programs, which while fun was also very time-consuming–though also pleasantly lucrative. I am home right now sitting on my back porch looking over the expense of my dry and parched landscape, happy that I don’t have to try to start our ancient lawnmower to mow the lawn. There are, however, plenty of projects to tackle around here. I have a dream that someday all of these projects will reach a point of simple maintenance and not rebuilding, but time and money always seems to rule the day. Still, I count my blessings every day for the gift of the life I have and lead.

This summer is an opportunity for me to be guided by whatever wisdom is within me. It is as simple as knowing what I need to do and doing it with continuity and discipline, guided by the power of an awesome family and an equally awesome unfolding evolution of the days.

So far, it is working…

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