bricklayerIt has been a long time since I wrote a simple old “this is what I am going to do today” post. So this is what I am going to do today: [and trust me, it will have nothing–absolutely nothing–to do with school work:)] Before the true winter settles in, I am going to try and install a wood stove hearth in our family room AND install a stainless steel chimney outside. I never like starting things when I don’t have a clear visual in my head, but for this, I can’t afford the outrageous price that installers charge–usually much more than the usual carpenter’s wage. I have my permits; I met with the inspector, an I am confident that I’ll figure it all out. I’ll even take some pictures because I finally figured out (actually Kerry from camp just figured out) why my iPhone takes such horrible pictures–the lens was dirty.

Maybe I won’t be able to figure things out.

We’ll see, I guess.

One last sip of coffee…and here I go…

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